All Lives Matter Is Racist!

Posted: September 2, 2015 in hypocrisy, politics, racism, violence
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Are we expecting Freddy to rise from these ashes? What good did this do anyone?

Ok, so I just said what many in this country would like you to think.

All Lives Matter is racist.

Let’s get this straight – if you believe in a higher being from God to Buddha, All Lives Matter is the only way that one can approach life.

The problem I have been seeing is that there is a racist movement growing in America. This movement closely mirrors any other “we are more important than they are because of _______”. It mirrors Nazis against Jews, KKK versus Black Americans, or any other superiority movement.

All human beings are created equal. This is a certainty. The question is how do people go about asserting this?

Right now, it’s not the KKK marching in their sheets, being too cowardly to show their faces to the people they are attempting to terrorize. This is the #BlackLivesMatter movement who are attempting to hijack political movements by terrorizing the candidates. Have you seen the absolute lack of respect these folks are showing people who are attempting to dialogue with them? I’m a conservative – and I have to laugh at the people who are screaming down the folks who would be their greatest allies. Have you seen the absolute non-constructive actions they are taking? They grab mics, storm stages, hijack rallies and when the people try to communicate with them, they scream them down.

They use rhetoric, slogans, volume and anger to do what? Accomplish nothing.

Should we have a dialogue? Absolutely. There should be dialogue when a child is shot 10 seconds after a police car pulls up. The video there disturbs me, as it should anyone. There should be dialogue when someone dies in custody. Anyone dies in custody.

But telling me that #BlackLivesMatter, which 95% of America believes, but that white or other lives don’t matter and saying they do makes you a target for punishment, is ridiculous. The slogans I’m hearing, especially the people speaking of killing, frying or doing other damage to police officers or, well, YOU if you disagree are chillingly familiar. Anyone who knows history has heard speeches from others who would engender violence, revolution, destruction of others based on color. That’s right – speech that calls for death or pain or destruction to others in your country due to color is hate speech. Some of what I have heard from speakers strays remarkably close to the hate that spewed forth from historical figures that killed millions. Charisma with a lust for power that is being used to manipulate a situation in order to herd sheeple into flocks that follow them for their own ego swelling – doesn’t that sound familiar?

The thing I fear is that the muckrakers on either side would actually get a visceral thrill over spurring on violence, and the larger the scale, the better.

Nothing would get the little potential tin-horn dictators more excited than to see blood all over the streets. Nothing would make their hearts beat better than building such a large and violent following that they would kill and be killed for them. What a rush. Listen to the speeches from some of the more relevant leaders on both sides of the racist coin. Listen to speeches from people like Hitler or KKK leaders, and then listen to some of the people trying to get thousands to march and kill in their name. There are people who would love to have people willing to die for THEIR cause, even if it’s manufactured. This has happened so much in history – it’s no wonder that some people don’t want folks to learn about history. They are hoping that the sheeple are willing to repeat history and throw themselves on bayonets so that the leader himself can walk on their backs to safely assume some dictatorial role.

Have you really been listening to the rhetoric? Listen to some of the leaders in this movement. I’m not talking about the folks who are peacefully assembling, nor am I talking about people who are honestly grieving and understandably angry. I’m talking about the people who would, with no respect for anyone, take a horrible situation and turn it to their personal advantage. THEIR personal advantage.

Understand – they don’t ask for dialogue. They don’t sit down with leaders. They don’t ask for donations to the families. They don’t ask for statues to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

They are asking for violence. They are asking for people to join THEIR cause.

baltimore official

Shouldn’t we be questioning policies of incompetence no matter the race of the leaders?

How does that respect victims by creating more victims?

How did burning down the buildings in Ferguson or Baltimore solve one thing? Especially when most of the victims of the damages in those cities were MINORITY owned businesses? Or those who would provide services to the elderly or minorities? May I ask a question about this? How does burning or looting a minority owned business bring back a slain boy? How does destroying another Black person’s livelihood help Freddie Gray? Why not peacefully gather and decide to elect someone besides the incompetents who were in charge of Ferguson or Baltimore?

How about looking at the people who are in charge of your area, the rules and laws and question how those people and their policies didn’t do any good for you no matter the color of their skin?

Understand this – writing more laws won’t solve the violence. Murder has been illegal forever. The same people who behave in a sub-human animalistic style on either side of this issue, those who don’t hesitate to murder someone are certainly not going to have one scintilla of doubt about owning a weapon illegally or burning down a hospital. You need to understand that the more you try to clamp down on these folks by affecting us all with gun laws or other regulations will only clamp down on the people who will care that the law is on the books.

The same people who would engender the violence laugh maniacally that society is panicking enough to disarm itself. The people who would illegally kill someone for a social security check or a pair of shoes, the same people who would willingly enslave another human to drugs for self profit, the same person who would harm someone for speaking counter to their cause – they would stop at nothing no matter what laws you put in place. They love the fact that there are people out there willing to stop at nothing to enslave and lock you into the depressive cycle of being dependent on government help – you’ll much more likely to need something to help escape your miserable reality. Drugs, alcohol or whatever.

Remember  how the Mafia gained so much power. Bad times and providing illegal goods and services to help a person feel better about themselves, even if for just a moment – in a very bad time. There are people who will take advantage of anything to gain personal power or pride for themselves. I’d be a lot more likely to believe people who are speaking out about this if they weren’t gathering followers to themselves or gaining financially. I would be a lot more likely to respect them if they didn’t sound like so many other leaders in the past who have abused others in pain to gain for themselves.

We need to take a hard look at how we are teaching our kids. Teaching anger and hate is only going to increase the divide. Teaching intolerance for white people is as bad as teaching intolerance for Jews or black people. The leaders who are hoping you’ll do this to your kids are asking you to turn your own children into thugs. Thugs that harm others due to the thing that you yourself hate about people who hate you due to your color.

Let me reiterate this – thugs are thugs.

Yes, thugs are still someone’s baby. And for those parents, I feel bad. But the people who are following these leaders blindly, those who are inciting the violence for their own gains, have to look at themselves in the mirror. Why do they feel that their viewpoints show respect when they teach their kids to hate society, laws and others because of their color. Don’t ask me to respect you when you would put yourself and others above the rest of us due to something that makes you think you’re superior to us.

White people shouldn’t feel that due to their lack of melanin in their skin they are superior, but neither should #AllLivesMatter be an issue for Black leaders.

If #AllLivesMatter is an issue for leaders that you follow, maybe you should swallow your anger long enough to realize you are being led by someone who doesn’t respect the cause in your heart. They aren’t leading in a responsible or godly manner. They aren’t being human – they are being narcissistic – and really?

If you want your cause to be solved?

Take the power away from those who would do your cause more harm than good.

Stop following them.


Doesn’t this picture bring back memories of similar salutes from the past? Salutes of superiority? Salutes of defiance?

Don’t the raised fists that you are witnessing seem eerily similar to other salutes from the past?

Ghandi, Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King would be ashamed of these inflammatory people who are after nothing more than personal aggrandizement.

Why are you giving people the power in your life that is just advocating the exact same evil behavior that you hate from the other side?

Why do two wrongs equal justice?

This is like listening to an arms dealer slamming a peace conference, all the while selling guns to both sides and chuckling at the people who are so naive.

And on top of that, you have a “great unifier” who won’t act like a unifier. A “great leader” who is afraid to lead because he doesn’t want to anger people on one side of an issue because of political considerations.

A “unifier” who won’t mourn or speak when people who are depending on him as a leader, a leader of the whole country white or black, to calm the situation and attempt to stop the madness before it gets worse. A leader who won’t come out and speak to the masses who are angry or who look up to the same leader as a leader of their message. A leader who won’t try to work with both sides to create a solution. A leader who won’t stop the slaughter on either side of this issue before it becomes a very feared race war. A unifier who is willing to watch the anger divide. A unifier who is willing to facilitate the division in order to do what? Make us stronger?

The President is a leader of all people in this country, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic. It doesn’t matter. He should be the leader of #AllLivesMatter. He should prove himself a great leader and use the bully pulpit to tell people who are angry “stop killing, stop the violence – we are bringing people to the table to fix this” and then bring the people to the table to do that. Where is the First Lady with her commercials? Where are the First Couple’s selfie memes to stop the death and destruction?

The question one would ask is why a leader who would be so interested in a legacy for himself, like most Presidents are, not step up and stop the streets from running red with blood and stop the

Where is the President - the leader of ALL the people? Why isn't he being more vocal about stopping all this?

Where is the President – the leader of ALL the people? Why isn’t he being more vocal about stopping all this?

cities from burning? Another might be – how does it serve anyone to have police who enforce the laws of the majority of society slaughtered unless you are hoping for a degradation of society? Is it possible that if enough blood hits the pavement that martial law might become necessary? Is ultimate power in this country the prize? The prize of being able to suspend liberties or elections due to violence and rioting? Is that too much of a reach by someone who has gone against the law in the office that is supposed to be the supreme law enforcer of the country? Is that too much of a reach by someone who has, by some reports, mentioned a third term – a patently illegal third term?

Why wouldn’t the supreme law enforcer in this country come out in support of law enforcement officers in this country? The ones who are shot while *gasp* pumping their gas? The ones who are shot down while chasing people who would happily harm or kill you for your money, goods or sex? Do you really want a lawless society? Anarchy?

Why wouldn’t someone who leads us all care about the victims of Black violence as much as the victims of White violence, as is proper?

Makes you wonder about motives, since he’s had the opportunity.

Mr. President – prove you’re a leader of all by stepping up to the plate and working to stop the violence. Take a stand and let’s work this thing out without any more of this thuggish behavior on either side. If you lead, people will follow.

The question many of us will make sure stains your legacy if you don’t is this: “Why did you walk away when you could have really made a difference for all your people?”

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  2. What’s up my brother? Thanks for coming over to say hey!

    I just took over managing a car audio store and I’m trying to fix years of bad management by revamping store, stock, crew and service. I plan on writing on Sundays and Wednesdays.

    Let your folks on the radio know about me – I’d love to talk about listener topics they would like to have me dissect.

    Right now I’m working 90 plus hours a week – but I’ll post often!

    I haven’t stopped caring, just had to shut down for a while. Bi-polarity is a beast, and meds can be a miracle. I now know why I was so up and down, and medicine has made a humongous difference – can you say miracle? Next time someone cracks on a pharmaceutical company, might wanna remind them that there are real life miracles caused by angels at drug companies.

    I’m better, I’m madder, I’m deeper and I’m back.

    Anyone you can tell would be great – I really want the interaction!

    Virtual hugz and high fives man.


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